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TLC Pet Products has been in business since 1969, offering specialized products for your pets overall comfort and happiness. Our fine line of products includes Maxi-Tone pet nutrition, Pretty Feet fungus remover for birds, and pure Jojoba — a hot oil remedy for hot spots and dry skin. We are fully committed to providing safe, all-natural, and effective products that are designed to improve your pet's wellbeing. Our products work quickly on all breeds and types of pets, including cats, dogs, horses, and even birds! Contact us now to get fast drop shipping on our many products that clients call downright magical.

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Shampoo your dog with TLC Natural Shampoo with Jojoba and Aloe Vera. It is tearless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and will leave your dog's hair soft and easy to brush.

Hot Spot Oil

Hot Spot Oil should be applied to hot, sore spots and itching areas two to three times per day. Kills fleas and ticks by putting directly on fleas body or ticks head. To use as a repellent, apply on dark areas of dog or cat, arm pits, stomach, on top of and under the tail, on back close to tail, under pads and about 2 inches up on the dogs or cats feet. This natural Hot Spot Oil, with Jojoba and Aloe Vera, is non-toxic and will not stain. May be used as a skin treatment by using 1 cap full per gallon of hot water (as hot as your hands can stand) to soak your pet for ten minutes, shampoo with TLC Natural Shampoo, and then towel dry.


Food supplement adds tasty natural nutrients to your pet's meal, helping to make the coat shiny and easy to manage, while helping control dry itching skin conditions.

Pretty Feet

Safely and naturally heals affected areas with this special non-toxic and non-irritating formula containing Jojoba and Aloe Vera.

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