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Pet Grooming in Los Angeles, CA

Quality Pet Grooming in Los Angeles, CA

For over 50 years, TLC Pet Products have been providing top-quality pet grooming in Los Angeles, CA. Owner and groomer Fleming Jackson has served over 2,000,000 dogs, cats, birds, and other exotic animals from average homeowners and celebrities alike. We use the same products that we sell to help pets with a wide range of potential skin issues, allergies and so much more. With our self-contained van, we provide quality mobile pet grooming, from baths and brushing to trimming and even nail treatments. Our professionals are happy to help with special client requests, so contact us now to book ahead, as we only accept bookings at least two days in advance.

Dog Care Products in Los Angeles, CA

Mobile Pet Grooming

Too Busy to Wash Your Pet?

Are you tired of cleaning up the hairy, soapy mess in your bathroom?

Tired of dragging your dog to the washtub in the back yard?

Quality Mobile Pet Grooming in Los Angeles, CA

Help is but a Phone Call Away

We will come to your home at a time convenient to all, wash and dry your dog or cat professionally in our specially equipped, self-contained vans. The water is kept at prescribed temperatures to please your pet. We return it dry, flea free, odor free, and happy. And we do the clean up, not you. We have 30 years of experience and have many regular customers on the Los Angeles area.


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